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Don't Let The Tears Fool You.
They Are The "Good Kind"!!



We Had A Great Time!
Enjoy the photos taken by Gundors Osvalds by clicking on any of the albums below. You can view the pictures individually or in a slideshow - and you can download them, too!

** New Addition:  Debbie Brown (Sadler's) Photos **

Tour of the School


The "New" Albemarle 


The "Meet & Greet" At Adventure Farms



Tour Of Monticello


The 50th Reunion Celebration Dinner!



The Reunion Planning Committee
Wants to Thank Everyone For Making It All Worthwhile!!!!


The Reunion Planning Committee
Wants to Thank Everyone For Making It All Worthwhile!!!!

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Thanks to Gundars Osvalds ('65) For the Following Photos
Read About Gundars' Photographic Exhibit and Catalog  
Documenting Life in Charlottesville's Vinegar Hill Before Redevelopment